Tourist Places - Manimandapams

Robert Caldwell Memorial :

English protestant missionary Bishop Robery Caldwell’s house at Idaiyankudi, a small hamlet situated about 70kms from Tirunelveli, is now a memorial. The 19th century house has been renovated by the state Government.

V.O.C.Manimandapam :

V.O.Chidambaram the towering personality of freedom movement. Tamilnadu who pulled cooking oil extractor (Chekku) in Coimbatore jail, where he was imprisoned for fighting against British imperialism. V.O.C Born at ottapidaram in Thoothukudi District. Tamilnadu Government built a manimandapam at Tirunelveli. There is a meditation hall. In this hall 6.5 feet height V.O.C statue is installed. There is also a model oil extractor in stone, which remind the V.O.C sacrifices for national liberation task.

Vanchinathan :

He was popularly known as Vanchi as an Indian Tamil independence activist. He is best remembered for having shot dead Ashe, the collector of Tirunelveli on 17th June 1911 and having later committed suicide, in order to evade arrest. Vnchinathan was born in senkottai to Raghupathy iyer and Rukmani Ammal. The railway station has since been renamed VanchiManiyachi.

Va.Ve.Su.Iyer :

Vanchi was a close collaborator of Va.Ve.Su.Iyer, another freedom fighter who sought armsto defeat the British.