The Annadhanam scheme is being conducted in this temple. By this scheme noon meals are being provided for 100 devotees daily. Meals, sambhar, rasam, mour, kuttu or purial of Vegetables pickels are distributed for devotees every day by the Ubayadhar who are paying Rs.2000/- for this. With Paysam paying Rs.2500/-.

One day (Birthday, Anniversary days) who are paying Rs.25,000 as kattalai for preparing one day meals on any of the day in the year at once.


There are 3 rooms with comfortable facilities in this temple. And also there are 21 Modern Staying rooms maintained with Temple Administration Control for devotees.

Details regarding conduct of marriage and registration of marriage

Male's age should be above 21& female's age should be above 18. Both should submit corresponding certificate for their age proof.

Both male and female should submit first marriage certificated recevied form their village Administrative officer .

Both male and female should submit 2 recent photographs.

Should have to pay Rs.20 for marriage application.

Deputy Commissioner/Executive officer of this temple is the marriage registration officer.

Gosala Details

In the Gosala the number of cattles are as follows cow-2, yielding cow-4 Calb-4 Bullock-2.

Elephant Details

One Female Elephant (Gomathi) is at the temple aged 19 .